As the mentoring field is continualyl growing and evolving, so much research about mentoring. MENTOR, the national champion fo rthe mentoring movement, recently released its latest Research Agenda outlining four key areas to meet the emerging needs of the field and inform funders and policymakers about hwo the mentoring movement can be strengthened.

The agenda lays out these priorities as focuse areas:

1. Increase research on the role of mentoring in supporting youth identity development and combating loneliness & isolation.

2. Study innovative strategies to expand the opportunities for mentoring relationships that occur naturally within systems and instituitons.

3. Increase actionable resaerch on mentoring that occurs in diverse programmatic settings.

4. Invest in more research on the societal-level changes that are produced by mentoring relationships.

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring is a great website featuring forums discussing different topics focusing on mentoring and featuring the latest evidence-based articles about mentoring.