Tips for Mentoring



National Mentoring Partnership's Mentor Support CenterThis website has helpful resources for mentors to learn a variety of skills including: tackling difficult issues with mentee(s), building communication skills and working with youth from various backgrounds. Also includes activity ideas.

Talking it Through: Communication Skills for Mentors
This FREE interactive website, created by Education Northwest, is built to enhance ongoing mentor training, presenting 13 video stories with real mentors, real youth, and real situations that illustrate common challenges and proven strategies.

Tools for Mentoring Adolescents
This website has tip sheets for mentors developed by Search Institute and the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota.

Engaging Youth in Volunteer Service
This is an excellent resource that provides activity ideas for mentors and mentees to not only build their relationship but also give back to their communities.

Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors
This is a great resource for both beginning and experienced mentors who want to improve their relationship with their mentee.

Who Mentored You?
A forum for mentors to talk about their experience as a mentor and those people who made an impact in their own lives.

Eat Well, Stay Active, Have Fun: A Guide for Mentors.
This guide was created by the Center for Health Communication Harvard School of Public Health to provide mentors with information and guidance on how to make healthy eating and physical activity natural parts of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Stop Bullying
This website provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying.

Prevention Resources for Bullying

Violence Awareness and Prevention Resources