Kansas Mentors is a statewide mentoring partnership committed to ensuring that every young Kansan has access to a caring and quality mentor.  One in three youth will grow up with the support of a mentor in their lives.  In reflection of that, Coach Bill Snyder (Kansas State University) and Coach Tom Osborne (University of Nebraska) initiated the annual Coaches’ Challenge in 2008, with the goal of rallying new volunteers for mentoring programs.  During the last seven years the popularity of the Coaches’ Challenge has grown, with the expansion into additional states and conferences!  In the spirit of the annual Coaches’ Challenge, Kansas Mentors is seeking projects taking place during the Challenge that focus on the recruitment and/or retention of mentors.  Specifically, grant applicants should focus on:

  1. Outreach efforts to recruit more Kansans to meet the state’s shortage of mentors and/or;
  2. Innovative strategies and trainings to retain existing mentors and/or;
  3. Approaches to ensure young Kansans are receiving high quality mentoring services.

Grant activities should take place during the Coaches’ Challenge: August 1, 2016—November 30, 2016

Who May Apply?

This is a competitive, reimbursement grant application process.  Organizations that are currently engaged in youth mentoring activities that meet the definition of mentoring provided below* and are registered as an Affiliate Program with Kansas Mentors prior to July 1, 2016 are invited to submit applications.  For a list of registered programs or to become an affiliate visit the Kansas Mentors’ partner directory at: www.kansasmentors.org.

*Definition of mentoring as developed by KM’s Council of Mentors:

Mentoring is a consistent, structured, stable relationship between youth and a caring role model(s) that involves regular, ongoing, and ideally face-to-face meetings and is focused on developing the character, capabilities and confidence of the young person(s).

Please Note:  Eligible applicants must complete criminal background checks on all mentors prior to matching them with a mentee and as part of a thorough mentor screening process. 

Application Materials

Request for Proposals, Grant Application and blank W-9 form can be found in the right-hand corner of this page.



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Grant Deadline: July 1, 2016

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