Kansas Mentors is not accepting applications for Gold Star at this time. 
Please email mentor@ksde.org for more information. 


Gold Star Program

The Kansas Mentors Gold Star program was developed during 2008 in an effort to provide a safe and effective mentoring environment for the youth of Kansas. This program recognizes mentoring partners across the state who have committed to maintaining a high set of standards to ensure a quality mentoring experience. Developed by Kansas Mentors and its Council of Mentors, these standards reflect guidelines set forth in MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership's Elements of Effective Practice™ (EEP).

Based on the latest mentoring policies, practices, experiences and research, the Elements of Effective Practice™ (EEP) serves as the gold standard for mentoring, outlining program design, management, operations and evaluation best practices. The guidelines were developed and published by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, with the support of leading experts and researchers in the field, state mentoring partnerships, practitioners and federal funders. To learn more about the EEP, click here or contact KM Director at mentor@ksde.org or 785-368-6211.

Why Gold Star?(PDF)

Based on the EEP, Kansas Mentors created the Gold Star Quality Mentoring System. Recognition as a Gold Star program communicates to the state your organization's commitment to quality mentoring. Kansas Mentors encourages all programs to go through the Gold Star application process. The Gold Star Quality Mentoring System will help create benchmarks of current quality practices, which will in turn allow the field to improve future practices. In addition, programs who go through the Gold Star process will:

  • Participate in a FREE, nationally studied process
  • Receive FREE training and technical assistance throughout Gold Star process
  • Demonstrate program's commitment to excellence to potential mentors, funders, parents and community partners
  • Identify current practice areas that could be more effective
  • Be eligible for more funding opportunities (Gold Star programs given priority in KM grant competitions)
  • Be listed as a Gold Star partner program on the KM website and partner directory
  • Participate in the State Employee Mentoring program (only eligible to Gold Star programs)

1. Contact KM Director (or fill out Gold Star Inquiry Form(PDF)) to discuss interest and develop MOU
2. Fill out Gold Star Registration Form(DOC)
3. Fill out the Benchmarks Checklist that matches your mentoring program model (one-to-one(DOC) or group(DOC))
4. Include documentation for each Benchmark in organized manner and submit to KM
5. KM Director and/or review committee will review the application
6. Applicant will participate in a clarification questions phase
7. Upon review of the clarification questions, KM Director will write a Recommendations and Review form
8. Program will either be approved for Gold Star or given a list of areas for improvement
9. Ongoing technical assistance and support provided to any program who participates in the Gold Star process, FREE of charge!!!!

Please note: To maintain Gold Star status, programs must submit annual data and participate in the fall Coaches' Challenge by submitting mentor recruitment numbers. Gold Star programs must reapply every three years to maintain their status. Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters and Foster Grandparents have been recognized by Kansas Mentors (KM) as umbrella Gold Star Programs. Therefore, if you have a signed agreement with either of these organizations, your program is automatically included as a registered Gold Star Program. However, please fill out the Gold Star Registration Form to assure your program is listed.