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What if we all decided to turn up our impact?

What if you could make a difference in someone's life while enriching your own?

What if all it took was saying yes?

It is not about being a perfect role model, it is about showing. Your effort, your time, it means more than you know. Seemingly ordinary moments evolve into something extraordinary.

Mentoring amplifies change, one relationship at a time. Seeing the world through each other's eyes, two hearts open and two lives are changed forever. Join the mentoring movement.

Together, we can expand opportunity and transform perspectives. So let us raise our voices to amplify possibility, connections, explorations, joy, community and change. Because together we can make the world a place of opportunity for all.

May is National Foster Care Month




Mentor Kansas provides a network of support and resources, equipping Kansas programs to build thriving mentoring relationships.


Every Young Kansan developing into a successful, productive, engaged adult.


Mentor Kansas is a champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships across the state. Founded by the passion and vision of Coach Bill Snyder, Mentor Kansas has lead initiatives that strengthened youth outcomes through mentoring. For 15 years, these initiatives provided resources to mentoring programs across the state through grant opportunities, connecting mentoring programs to each other and promoting quality mentoring through evidence-based standards and tools for new and existing programs. We collaborate with other mentoring programs to ensure that all youth have the support they need through mentoring relationships to succeed.

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Amplify Connection

Topic: EEPM Standard 5: Monitoring and Support

When: When: June 23, 2021 from 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Information coming soon!


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